Curve Cure Benefits

Support Optimal Healing

For best results after a Brazilian Butt Lift, recovering patients are told to avoid posterior pressure for up to three months to reduce the risk of newly transferred fat cells being disturbed, misshapen, or absorbed.  Curve Cure products improve the healing process by minimizing pressure to the buttocks.

Sit and Sleep in Comfort

For up to several months after your surgery, your derriére will be sore and swollen, which makes everyday activities painful and awkward. Curve Cure products reduce pressure to sensitive areas, allowing you to sit and sleep more comfortably during your recovery.

Recover from multiple procedures

You may choose to have your BBL surgery in combination with another procedure, such as breast augmentation, tummy tuck, or mommy-makeover. This makes it more difficult to recover on your stomach as recommended. The Curve Cure Mattress allows you to sleep comfortably on your back when recovering from multiple procedures.

Travel Discreetly with Ease

Curve Cure products are inflatable, lightweight, and easily transportable. If you are traveling out of town for your procedure, the Curve Cure Mattress will easily fit in your luggage when deflated with the built-in air pump and folded flat, and you can use the Curve Cure Cushion on your flight home.

Preserve Your Bedding

Following buttock augmentation, you will have surgical drains for one week after surgery to eliminate blood and other fluids from the surgical site. These drains tend to leak onto bedding, sometimes ruining mattresses. Because Curve Cure products are made from PVC plastic, they are easily wiped down and cleaned.

Fits All Shapes and Sizes

The Curve Cure Mattress comes in 3 different sizes and various aperture widths to fit small, medium, and large booties. By adjusting the amount of air in the mattress, the patient can customize the size of the center hole to fit during each stage of their recovery. The Curve Cure Cushion has 3 interchangeable pieces, designed to fit patients of all shapes and sizes.