Our Happy Customers Say…

“I love Curve Cure’s products and don’t know what I would have done without them. These recovery products kept pressure off my butt and gave me security and stress relief during my recovery in knowing that I am protecting my investment. The Curve Cure Mattress is amazing, it is comfortable, and it provides support to your body without putting pressure on your butt or hips. Lying on your stomach makes your arms numb so the Curve Cure Mattress gives you a relief and makes resting and sleeping very comfortable. The Curve Cure Cushion really helped anytime I needed to sit down. The back support on the Cushion makes it so your back doesn’t hurt because you can sit all the way back and relax. I flew home after my surgery and used the Curve Cure Cushion at the airport and on the plane. The Cushion helped a lot during my flight, and I’m very happy that I had it.”
Sharon, Los Angeles CA


“Curve Cure’s products are amazing! I highly recommend that people who are having a Brazilian Butt Lift buy them. It is a great investment and you will be so much more comfortable during your recovery. The products helped me a lot. Lying on your side and your stomach constantly is so hard, that when you lie in the Curve Cure Mattress, it is amazing.
I carry the Curve Cure Cushion everywhere I go. I use it when I ride in the car and always use it when I need to sit down or wait. When you are recovering your mobility is limited and it is hard to do things. These products really make the recovery easier and more comfortable.”
Jewel, New York NY


“I started using Curve Cure’s products 2 weeks after my BBL and they made my recovery much better. I use my Curve Cure Cushion when I am sitting at work, when I’m home, watching TV, relaxing, and eating dinner. You can sit all the way back in the Curve Cure Cushion instead of leaning forward like you have to do with the other pillows. I could even digest my food better when I used the Curve Cure Cushion because I can sit upright. My sleep improved after I got the Curve Cure Mattress because I could sleep all night without my arms going numb or my neck and back hurting. These products are very helpful and valuable for everyone having a Brazilian Butt Lift.”
Valerie, Miami FL


“The Curve Cure Mattress is a wonderful investment and worth every penny, particularly for patients who are getting a Brazilian Butt Lift. I’ve had the chance to experience my surgery with and without the Curve Cure Mattress because this is my second round, and I have to say that you will NEED this mattress. I was able to lie down on my back, which was a major relief because lying on your sides for month after month is uncomfortable and sore. The Curve Cure Mattress is very comfortable for napping during the day, sleeping at night, or just lounging around watching TV. It is definitely a plus and I would recommend it to anyone. I would almost say it is a necessity. If you don’t try it…you’re missing out! This is my second month after surgery and I am still using my Curve Cure Mattress. You didn’t pay all of that money for nothing…SO TAKE CARE OF YOUR BUTT AND DON’T MISS OUT ON YOUR CURVE CURE MATTRESS.”
LaToya, Dallas TX


“These products are heaven sent. They will help other people because they helped me. The Curve Cure Cushion is comfortable, and your butt actually drops down inside the cushion without any pressure. Having a cushion that lets you actually sit makes all the difference in the world. I also think the Curve Cure Mattress is such a relief because lying on your stomach all the time is painful. Your rotator cuff and shoulders are already sore from trying to move around, that when you are on your stomach, your shoulders have even more pressure. You even lose feeling in your arms when you are on your stomach for that long. The bed is perfect because it definitely takes the pressure off your shoulders.”
Marilyn, Atlanta GA
“I LOVE the Curve Cure Mattress, it was a life saver for my recovery. After being on your stomach for so long you get extremely sore and your neck gets painfully stiff. So I used both my bed and the Curve Cure Mattress and alternated throughout the night switching back and forth, and that system helped tremendously so that I was able to sleep. The Curve Cure Mattress is easy to set up and travel with, you just plug it in and it does all the work. I would even bring it to the living room, set it up, and hang out and watch TV. I highly suggest you get a Curve Cure Mattress.”
Samantha, Minneapolis MN